About Us

Based in North Wales, The Low-Carb Food Company was formed in May 2018 to develop an opportunity to provide specialist support to the ever-expanding low-carbohydrate, high-fat (LCHF) lifestyle community.

Our Mission

Building upon first-hand experience of successfully implementing a low-carb lifestyle to combat type 2 diabetes, The Low-Carb Food Company aims to become a thriving online marketplace; a trustworthy source of knowledge, recipes, products and ingredients for anyone interested in reaping the benefits of a low-carb lifestyle.

We want to make it easier for people to adopt a low-carb lifestyle; curbing the effects of diabetes without the need for medication, enabling weight loss without the hunger pangs, and promoting general good health with low-carb staple foods.

The Company Directors

Eryl Vaughan

Eryl Vaughan

Managing Director

In 2009, Eryl was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. After struggling for years to control the disease, he made a breakthrough in 2016 after adopting a LCHF lifestyle. Having retired from the renewable energy industry in 2016, he founded Diabetes Support Wales in 2017 with a view of establishing self-help support groups for diabetics throughout Wales.

The Low-Carb Food Company is the result of Eryl's personal experience of  managing diabetes, and the belief that good food is the best medicine.

Hilary Briggs

Hilary Briggs

Operations Director

Hilary brings 35 years of industrial experience. In her early career focused in manufacturing she held senior management positions in production management, logistics, product marketing and was Managing Director of The Laird Group plc’s German-based Car Body Sealing division, with over 4,000 employees worldwide.

She has worked with many entrepreneurs to help scale their businesses and was MD of Gardasoft Vision Ltd from 2015-19, leading the company through a successful acquisition by Optex Co Ltd of Japan and a significant phase of growth.

John Gardner

John Gardner

Finance Director

John first started his working life in farming, but decided on a career in accountancy and trained with London-based chartered accountants, Dixon Wilson.

He left to join Price Waterhouse in the Cayman Islands, working mainly within the reinsurance industry before returning to North Wales to pursue family farming interests and start an accountancy practice.

Gardner’s Accountants is now one of North Wales’s largest accountancy practices with a long track record of innovative support for business start-ups and development.

Gruff Vaughan

Gruff Vaughan

Marketing Director

Gruff's background is in content production, with over a decade of experience in commercial media production, web development, graphic design and copywriting.

Day-to-day, he is the Managing Director of Storm & Shelter, a content production agency based in Cardiff that specialises in brand content, TV commercials and documentary film.

The Low-Carb Food Company is the latest in a number of successful projects working together with Eryl and John to promote meaningful change.


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